Public Transportation

Regular taxis

Oman’s orange and white privately owned taxis can be found in every city. As these cabs are not fitted with meters, prices can vary widely depending on whether you are willing to share a ride, can negotiate effectively. They are the most commonly found form of transportation in Oman, linking cities, neighbourhoods, villages and governorates.

Public buses

Oman’s public bus service links every part of the country, from the port city of Sohar in the north to Salalah over 1,000 kilometres (620 miles) south. These buses are run by Mwasalat, Oman’s government-owned transport company, and are highly affordable. Their connectivity and affordability make them ideal for traveling long distances in Oman.

Note: Routes do change, so make sure to check Mwasalat’s route map online or contact their call centre beforehand.